Artist Statement

I strive to create companion creatures that possess a contemplative spark of self-awareness.  Through gesture and expression, they appear attentive and optimistic; their presence is always welcoming.  At it's heart, my work is based around the human need for unlonely silences. Everything I make has the ability to act as a companion or an emotional or meditative touchpoint in addition to simply being a beautiful object.

My pieces are designed and crafted with the specific intention of being touched and handled.  Stylistically, the lack of angles and sharp edges create an open nature that invites a connection.

Seed Arts

I am a one-person studio, but I am supported by the Housegoth, my creative assistant, and two dogs who serve as both models and near-constant providers of equal parts love and irritation.


Aimee Cummings


I am a toy and figure artist, living and working in Western New York.  I design, sculpt, and produce all of the things on this site!  I also enjoy customizing dolls and figures that other artists have created.


Mandy Szewczuk


Mandy is a supremely talented writer who helps me prepare for sales and pack the orders.  She also provides invaluable critique and quality control, as well as helping me stay on schedule.  She is also going to hopefully begin sculpting toys of her own.


Truffle and Minion


Truffle is an entitled ten year old Pomeranian with a god complex; Minion is a very, very sensitive chihuahua-pug hybrid ("chug") with jaws that open like a venus flytrap.  Both have served as inspiration for various Seed Companions, most notably the Snooter and the Snog.